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The Power Interview

The interview is shot in High Definition with three cameras on a studio style set with prime time graphics and animation.


Present You and Your Company Professionally

The interview builds an incredible trust factor with the viewer. Through the video, the viewer gets to know you and is put at ease.

Part two of building trust. Though the interview they get a feel for your expertise and knowledge about your chosen field.

The interview allows you the time to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Giving the prospect an excellent sense of the value that you and your company offer.

Use the video in multiple locations such as your website, social media, proposals, and marketing kits for years to come.

The video is based on 5 to 10 questions that you provide and is shot in our studio in Chesapeake. The whole process takes less than a hour.

Provides Authenticity

Product Or Service Superiority

High Return On Investment

Fast and Easy

Broadcast Quality

Provides Credibility

Morgan Vision Care

McCormick Law Group

Silver Care

Frank Sings Frank

Managing Communications

Habitat for Humanity

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Interviews are based on 5 to 10 questions that you provide. The whole process takes less than an hour.